“People have different ways of dealing with a situation.”

Looking at the recent terrorist attack that happened in Jakarta on Thursday, 14th Jan, and Paris on 13th November last year, the above statement could not be more true.

Parisians were in unison, solemn, in mourning but remain strong after the attack. They show solidarity among countrymen especially to Muslims who could have been the target of public’s anger. Paris inspires the World and unite us to fight against the terrorist.

Jakartans on the other hand, reacted to the recent attack in way true to their nature; with humour. The trending #KamiTidakTakut (#WeAreNotAfraid) soon deviated to #KamiNaksir (#WeHaveACrush) when someone posted a sighting of handsome policeman on duty during the incident.

Unlike Paris which has one trending social media image that was shared worldwide following the attack, Indonesia known for its strong social culture began showcasing its pool of graphic design talents via Instagram and Facebook.

Third, the livelihood in the city resumed almost immediately, except for a few that took advantage of the event to slack off work. Roadside food seller keeps on selling, passerby keep taking selfie. You can read more on why the terrorist attack in Indonesia is a failure here.

I am an Indonesian and I am not trying to diminish the impact of the attack. We lost few lives. Although the number of terrorists killed are greater, we still lost 2 innocent lives. Maybe if more lives were killed Jakartans would take the attack more seriously, but imagine if the two lives were someone close to you. Terrorism, no matter the scale of damage, is not to be taken lightly.

But I do find comfort in knowing that the attack does not dampen the spirit of Jakartans, our solidarity and sense of humor. It’s the way we heal and move on.

Yes ISIS struck us but we stood still and punched them with our spirits.

Cheers to all Jakartans,


P.S: I can’t seem to upload any photo to wordpress. :( Am I the only one?



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