Film Rant : Joy

I am currently resting at home, recovering from a surgery. I’ve been homebound for a week. Well, not exactly homebound ’cause I can still go out for a bit but it means I should have more time to write – although 2 blog posts is hardly a prove.

How many times have you got the urge to do something and a split second of doubt stops you from doing it and then you let it past the rest of your life? That pretty much sums up the story of my life, which is tragic. All it takes is just a second of doubt or laziness or procrastination to make one gets stuck in the rut. Clearly the devil has the easiest job on Earth. He only needs a second to complete his task. That is why I’m here blogging because I don’t want to make the devil’s life easy by succumbing to his temptation to idle, his lies about how nothing is worth blogging and I would probably get writer’s block, yada yada – Also, I’ve just watched Joy by David O. Russell which inspires me to write.
joy poster

When I was in my early twenties I got carried away by romantic comedies, stories about finding oneself (Lost In Translation, favorite movie of all time), fulfilling dreams, etc. Now I find myself relating to movie, preferably with female lead, about someone with an ordinary life, pretty much stuck on it, lost her dreams and one day decides to pick herself up and goes after her dreams. That is exactly the story of Joy, the inventor of self-wringing Miracle Mop.

Although this movie is more of a fiction than biopic I would say (Most of the characters do not exist in real life or are amalgamation of few people instead), the fictional elements make the story more interesting to watch, except towards the ending which gets a bit dull. Looking at how Joy Mangano, the lead character and a real person, made her first prototype at the age of 34 brings hope to me. At least I’m not too old to be successful. I do realize the sadness of feeling old and running out of time to achieve something of significance, but I shall let it past and continue milking this “inspired” feeling.

P.S: Remember I used to write film reviews? I’ve decided to call this Film Rant instead because I’m really just ranting about what I feel after watching the movie rather than reviewing the quality of it. Hope that’s okay!

Overall, I really enjoyed the first 3 quarter of the movie. It’s like a reunion for Silver Lining Playbook and seeing Jennifer Lawrence is always a joy. #punintended She’s the perfect cast for “Daring Women” role.

Mel says: 7/10



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  1. I love your rants!!!!! :D

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