Agent of No Change.

Everyday is becoming ordinary and I suspect it’s part of the process of living. I work in an advertising agency but it’s not as fancy as it sounds like. FYI, advertising industry is not as glam as how it was back in the Mad Men days. Most of the brands are now restricted by guidelines and required to adapt from a global template. A lot of work we get in Asia is either localization or the fancier term, ‘transcreation’. But working in an advertising production hub is not necessarily bad. The workload isn’t too crazy and you just have to repeat the same thing over to get used to it. I’ve worked in a more “creative” sort of agency and it was so painful trying to come up with different campaign or engagement ideas every month especially if you’re working with a not so fun brands. But that was the time I learnt most about advertising.

I’ve been in the advertising line ever since I started working. Every time I move to a new agency I’d told my close friends that it will be my last agency but clearly that’s not the case(s). I’m neither young nor old. I’m at the awkward age where I’m not young enough to restart my career path without causing pain, not old enough to accept that I’m too far into this to change.

It’s like driving on a straight road and you saw a huge signs with lots of directions, and I know I’ve got to make a decision soon enough depending on the destination in mind, which way should I take.


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