Above The Wave

Breaking up in the early 20s and late 20s are a lot different.

I was a lot more emotional in my younger days. After a failed relationship, my heart was bleeding as you could tell from my past blog posts. I was angry, mournful, frustrated and lost. It took a while to stabilise.

Fast forward to now. I’m calmer, more understanding of the situations that lead to the parting, and accepting that we’ve both tried in our own ways and it just doesn’t work.

Although my reactions to breaking up are different now and then, they both hurt. I thought being wiser and understanding can eliminate the hurt. It alleviates the pain, but there’s still an ache.

And then I’m reminded to be still, and look to the place that never fails.


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One response to “Above The Wave

  1. widyaliem

    imel baru baca… keep strong yah… if u need shoulder to cry on ke roselane ajah ntar akyu pinjemin. :) *hugs*

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