Love or Hate Your Job?

I’m doing a rough statistic based on the people I know and their feeling towards what they do for a living. The result is as follows:

20% – love/satisfied with what they do
60% – okay with what they do
20% – hate what they do

Most of the people are okay with what they do. They don’t hate it to the point they would jump at any opportunity to get out, but they aren’t satisfied enough to imagine doing the same thing for a long time. If I dissect further, 44% of the okay people would definitely switch their job/career if they are get a better offer elsewhere.

How then do you go from hating what you do to being okay and finally loving it?

I’ve been through the “hating-my-job” phase and my way of moving out of it was to get a new job. After that I was very okay with my job but I jumped the boat when I got a better offer elsewhere. Now, I’m in the most critical stage which I called the vacuum stage.

When you hate your job, you are compelled to take action because there is a strong repel. When you’re okay or being one of the 44%, you just need to wait for opportunity to strike. However when you get to the remaining 66% or the vacuum stage, it’s a gamble. You are too far to jump without thinking which means you can no longer be bought by money alone. You have more at stake if you decide to pursue something new or remain the same. I think the decision you make in the vacuum stage is the one that will determine if you’ll get to “love what you do” stage or degrade to “hate what you do” because if you remain okay for too long you’ll start hating it.

This vacuum stage forces me to think before making any decision. There is no pressing timeline which is dangerous because you can go on and think and ended up with no action 50 years later.

I don’t know if all the above make sense. I’m rambling as my thoughts run. Hoping to declutter them.

That’s all for me tonight. I hope you guys will get to the ‘love/satisfied with what you do’ stage too!




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4 responses to “Love or Hate Your Job?

  1. Let’s do our writer’s bootcamp!!!!!!

  2. I’m OK with my job but I would love it if I didn’t have to work at all! I was pretty much brought up to believe that work leads to satisfaction and fulfilment – you just need to find the ‘right’ job. But I no longer believe that, I think it is probably true for some people but not me. I find fulfilment in other areas, just being, but I still have to work to pay the rent. Poor me!
    (There’s an interesting book about work I read recently, you can read my review –


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