Now Reading: The Goldfinch

If I were myself 10 years ago I would be praising this book, The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, for its excellent character development and plot twists, etc. But since this is me 10 years older, easily tired and constantly fed with bite size information, this book becomes such a drag. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely a good book and I can already imagine this as a blockbuster movie…Actually I’d prefer this as a movie than a book due to the amount of time spent to complete the story.

Sometimes I wonder does growing up make me unable to slow down, take time to read a book, savoring each details and focused throughout? I’m reading the e-book version and by the time I got to the 1000+ pages I just couldn’t wait to finish the book, not in the enthusiastic kind of way. I don’t think I can stay interested throughout the 2700+ pages. I ended up wikipedia-ing the ending and major plots. Shame on me. I used to condemn spoilers and now I’m thankful for people who read and summarise the story so that others do not have to suffer the length. Thank you!

Having said that, if you love a good classic this is the perfect book. The story is rich and there’s no reason to put down the book unless you’re easily distracted like myself. If you’re just looking for a short mind-getaway, then look elsewhere…

Let me get back to my book for a bit now because I just have to finish reading whatever book I chose to read. Ciao.





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2 responses to “Now Reading: The Goldfinch

  1. Interesting and very honest! It took me an age to read but I did finish it. I think the secret to my reading ‘success’ is my commute to work by train, it’s only 15-20 minutes each way but it is when I get my reading done. If I didn’t have this I think I would struggle to finish books too. i used to be a great reader as a teenager but now I’d rather spend my free time zoned out in front of tv, playing on the xbox or reading short articles online. Isn’t it sad? Has my brain deteriorated or do I just reflect the changing times? I’m thankful for your honesty in admitting reading can be an effort sometimes.


    • Mel

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Interestingly I shared your secret to success! the only time I had to read this was on my way to work (about an hour long journey). Initially it was a struggle but I forced myself into having a reading habit again… i think it’ll take me more time and discipline to be able to enjoy a book like The Goldfinch again, but we’ll get there. Cheers.

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