Why I blog even if no one reads.

I’ve said that I started blogging about my life journey hoping that it does a thing or two for you who are going through the same thing. Over the years, I realized the person I’m impacting the most through my writing is myself.

I’m not an outspoken person. I used to be but somehow I became more introverted as I grow older. I’ve not been thinking on my feet lately because I feel that most of the things I blurted or my initial response to any conversation can be rather absurd. In short, I fear I might say something stupid or of no value to the topic. Strangely and thankfully, I don’t have that fear when I’m typing. Even if someone thinks I’m typing crap, I’m not really affected by it. Maybe because it’s a blog, a one-way communication and I know you will either continue reading or close on me. To those who continue on, I thank you.

Blogging is a form of therapy to me; a way to sort out my feelings and thoughts. I also enjoy reading my old posts. It’s fascinating to see how far I’ve come to where I am now. For the same reason, it is also good to journal your self-reflection time or, for Christians, time alone with God.

I’ve not been blogging regularly as you can see and I’m falling behind my New Year Resolution of blogging twice a week. I have no excuse. I’ve used the “I’m too busy” and “I’ve got nothing to blog” cards far too many times. It’s time to just get down to it and blog even when I’ve got nothing to say. After all I’m doing this for myself. Yes it’s selfish, but sometimes you got to help yourself before you can help others.

So thanks again for reading till the end, by doing so you’ve actually done a thing for me. :)



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