[Film Rant] Captain America: Civil War

Why we shouldn’t judge? Because it creates a false impression.

Imagine if you’re asked to watch a movie and the decision to produce the movie or not depends on your review. You’ll watch it thoughtfully, scrutinizing every details and hence, there’s likelihood of you finding faults in the show. Whereas if you watch without any judgment, but simply to experience and enjoy, you might like that show.

It can work the opposite too. Last week I watched Captain America: Civil War and I enjoyed the show because of the underlying theme of two groups of essentially good people with opposing ideas. Can they still live in harmony? I thought it was very relevant to our today’s society. Then I met someone who told me she didn’t enjoy the movie because she didn’t like the idea of the superheroes fighting against one another instead of the usual good vs evil. Then it came to me… I am used to judging a movie based on its plot and mechanism that I forgot movies like Captain America/Avengers should ultimately deliver a “feel good” element to audience because that’s what they’ve promised based on the prequels. Now it seems that the series has digress from being entertaining to something deeper. I tried to playback the movie in my head with the here-to-be-entertained mindset and began to understand what’s lacking. The bad guy is too weak and (spoiler alert!!) killing the other Winter Soldiers when he could have unleashed them to fight the Avengers is clearly a missed opportunity for an epic show.

Having said that, I still like movies that provoke. I blame it on the literature and film classes I took in school. While Captain America: Civil War is less entertaining, it touches on subject that’s pertinent our society now than ever. Think about topics on homosexuality, presidential election, etc. I’d like to believe most people are inherently good but we have plenty of conflicting opinions. Can we live on peacefully or do we start wiping out one another?

So I’d still recommend watching Captain America: Civil War. If you’re looking to be entertained, just remember Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans is in one screen.

Let the time stops. (Image Source: Marvel Studio)

Let the time stops. (Image Source: Marvel Studio)



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  1. Actually, the point was that many people might not like it, because not every super hero movie has such moral conflict. Civil War is the kind of movie which is based on a conflict and thus would run on dialogues. There is a kind of complexity in the movie which makes it even important in today’s scenario. Not to forget the brilliant writing it must have took to give every character almost equal importance and camera time.

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