Trouble Staying Awake?

I have a theory that lack of sleep is in the mind.

The entire of this weekday I woke up feeling lacking of sleep. Each day I tried sleeping earlier than the night before yet the next morning I felt the same lack of sleep. I have about 7 hours of sleep per day in average and I believe that’s on par or slightly more than the average working adults, so if I’m getting enough sleep why do I feel so sleepy every morning?

Upon careful observation of my weekday vs weekend routine, I discover that I actually sleep lesser hours on weekends. On Friday, I sleep later because I don’t have to wake up earlier the next day and I woke up around the same time as I do on weekdays because I’m eager to start the day and wish to maximise my weekends. Hence I gather the feeling of lack of sleep is not dependent on how many hours of sleep you are getting.

Have you ever wake up early to catch a morning flight for your holiday? Or to get first in line for a concert that happens in the evening? Or for a new gadget that has just launched? (My answer is yes, yes, no but that’s besides the point.) Do you feel sleepy when you work up that day? I didn’t. In fact I woke up feeling awake despite not being able to sleep the night before because of the excitement. This shows, the way to beat sleepiness is to be excited about the day, and/or to have something to look forward to. That’s why it is important to do what you love or else you’ll live your life mentally asleep.

Of course doing things you love is not an excuse for not having enough sleep and it is important to take good care of yourself. But if you’re having enough sleep and you’re still feeling sleepy all the time, maybe it’s time to question why.

Or maybe I just really love sleeping.

Or maybe I just really love sleeping.



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