The Price of Beauty

When I was little, my mom and maybe all Chinese aunties I encountered gave me this piece of wisdom; “If you’re pretty but broke, you’ll become ugly. If you’re not that pretty but rich, you’ll become pretty.” Back then it sounded shallow, but now I understand it couldn’t be more true.

People say beauty has to come from within. Do good -> feel good -> look good. And then 9gag spills the truth.

credit: @9gag instagram

ouch. lol

It makes sense. If a person is good looking but has a really bad character, you’ll say he/she is good looking but has a really bad character. You wouldn’t call the person ugly just because of their character. If you think they’re ugly it is because your view of them has been distorted by their character and your eyes are not truly seeing things as it is.

That being said, I’m pro good character and I don’t really care about looks. Maybe a litte.

Regrettably I’m not born with flawless skin. In fact my skin has all the flaws you can think of. DARN. On top of that, I’m really lazy when it comes to taking care of my skin, doing chores or anything that requires lifting of my hands. Blogging is fine because I only need to move my fingers. I digress.

I’m trying to a new approach in life now; to DO something rather than que sera sera, laissez-faire. This includes being diligent in taking care of my skin. For a start, I finally went for Sugitron to remove a pimple scar. I’ve been postponing that since last year. Now I’m looking at getting a device to enhance my skin care routine at home… and that is how I discover the price of beauty.

Paying for beauty has a domino effect. For example, the sugitron I mentioned now left a bit of mark on my face and I’m going to see my doctor again to enquire for treatment to remove that mark and who knows what other scar it will leave behind and other treatments I’ll be introduced to and keen on trying. I can hear the sound of my money flowing like a river out of my bank as I’m typing this…

Be grateful if you’re born with a perfect skin. Take care of it and don’t let bad character distorts it. If you’re like me, just continue to work hard. Sigh.

Now, I’m off to get the cheapest skin treatment I can think of – Sleep!



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