Seoul’d Out – Epilogue

You know you had a successful Bachelorette Getaway Party if you come back from it sick. Exactly what happened to me.

It’s wasn’t my bachelorette party just to clear that first. My kindergarten best friend who amazingly I’m still bestie with is getting married this October and she wanted to have her bachelorette party in Seoul so that’s what 8 of us ladies, coming from 3 different cities, did.

We book our flights and went on a short 5 days trip to Seoul. Oddly none of the girls have ever been to Seoul except for me. It’s my 4th trip to Korea and thankfully Seoul is not a difficult city to navigate around. I’ve not met few of the girls before and likewise for them, except the bride obviously. It was so awesome that everyone warm up to each other instantaneously and at the end of the trip I conclude that they are one of the best girls group to travel with!

Pardon my hair. I had a perm and it hasn't set nicely yet. =.=

Pardon my hair. I had a perm and it hasn’t set nicely yet. =.=

I’m gonna break this travel recount into few blog posts so it doesn’t get too long or me losing interest or getting stuck halfway through.

Wish I’m still in Seoul. Cheers!


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