Seoul’d Out – Day 4

We knew Day 4 was going to start late because we were clubbing the night before. This was the last full day we had together as the Jakarta girls are taking the morning flight back tomorrow. Fortunately everyone woke up pretty on time and ready to roll as soon as we gathered. I’m amazed at how synchronized we were.

First photo of the day outside hotel.

First photo of the day outside our hotel.

1st Stop – Myeongdong
Our hotel is located at Myeongdong and we’ve been here a few times but there’s no limit to how much time you can spend in Myeongdong. The initial plan was to eat lunch and shop a bit, but if you put 8 girls in Myeongdong there’s no getting out.

For lunch, we had Army Stew! You can’t leave Seoul without having army stew. We ate at the Nolboo Bu Dae Jji Gae which is a famous franchise, so you can’t go wrong with that. Do try their Banana Makgeoli for KRW5,000 too!

Before the soup boiled and turned orange.

Before the soup boiled and turned orange.

Banana Makgeolli

Banana Makgeolli

Nolboo Budae Jjigae
Myeongdong 2-ga, Jung-gu.

After that we were trapped in Myeongdong for a while. One of the girls had to return back to hotel as she had too much stuff to carry. The supposedly 5-minutes walk to the subway station took us about 1.5 hours to finally get there and head to our next stop!

This place is a trap for women!

This place is a trap for women!

2nd Stop – Dongdaemun
We took subway to Dongdaemun History & Culture Park station to get to the Dongdaemun Design Plaza. The plaza is a futuristic looking structure, and also the filming site of a few TV Series namely My Love From The Star. The area has a cool artsy vibe to it. There are food trucks outdoor where you can grab snacks, sit and chill. Due to time constraint, I only managed to peek inside one of the halls.


We crossed the street to do some shopping. My preferred mall in Dongdaemun is Migliore because the clothing are cheaper and you can really find a good bargain. Next to it there is Doota that sells more expensive clothing from local designers. I’m not too big on clothing shopping so once I got what I wanted, I went to the cafe next to the mall and waited for the rest of the girls.


Chilling at Wicked Snow

There are street food outside the mall to fill you up.

Street food stalls outside the mall to fill you up.

3rd stop – Maple Tree House, Itaewon
Finally came to our last supper at Maple Tree House, well-known for its black pork and Korean beef. We went to the main branch at Itaewon, which is a popular district for expats. Indeed the entire street felt like it wasn’t in Asia. At the restaurant we were greeted by an extremely gorgeous mixed-blood lady who speaks perfect Korean and English. It love at first sight, if I’m a guy. She showed us to our table after 10 minutes. Unlike the Korean BBQ restaurants in Myeongdong, this place is a lot less smokey and there are comfortable distance between guests. There were many foreign patrons, English conversations overheard across the restaurants. The wait staff are all very prompt in attending to our requests, although they display no affection/emotion while doing so. Keeping things very professional.

The last supper.

The last supper

The food was awesome. The pork has the right amount of fats and the Premium Korean Aged Beef Striploin was so tender and heavenly. I’m adamant that the beef is the best thing that I ate in this trip. I will definitely come back here when I return to Seoul.

What a beauty

What a beauty

Maple Tree House
Hamilton Hotel 2F, 116-1 Itaewon-ro 27ga-gil, Yongsan-gu.

After dinner, we walked around the area and stopped by this 4-storey LINE Friends Stores before heading back to the hotel. I really enjoy walking around the different streets in Seoul. If I lived in Seoul, most likely I will be at Itaewon on weekends hanging out at one of the many nice bars or restaurants in the area. If not in Itaewon, look for me at Samcheongdong.

LINE Friends Store, Itaewon branch.
126 Hangangno-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

To end the night, we had one last round of drink at my room. We ordered fried chicken from a Chimaek (chicken & beer) place next to our hotel and bought soju from 7-11.

Doing what I do best.

Doing what I do best.



We played rounds of ‘Heads Up’. It was soooo hilarious. We were laughing till our stomach hurts and one of girls cried till it washed her eyeliners off. I’m surprised we didn’t get any complaints from the neighbors. This was one of the best memories I have with the girls in this entire trip. I really hated saying good-bye to them.

Throwback to our fun ride. Cheers.

Throwback to our fun ride. Cheers.

Till we meet again ladies!



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