Here in Your Presence

Writing is like riding a bicycle. I’ve not written for a while now and it feels a little awkward penning my thought but I know the more I type the more I’ll get used to it again.

I’m feeling really small right now. Not only because I am physically small, although being short really makes me feel small at times. Tonight is one of those nights when I feel like I’m made of million broken pieces and I’m not quite sure what to do with them. Pretty sure I’m not the only one feeling this way.

Sometimes when I see people who has their stuff together, especially people who are about my age, I wonder how does it feel to be complete and unbroken. Have I ever been complete before?

I don’t feel empty. I feel broken. It’s like a throbbing sense of being punch in heart. Does that makes sense?

But I know I’ll be fine when morning comes. For I’m coming to the cross with my broken heart, knowing He will take them all… I’ve always known the way to mend my brokenness is to write it out. With every word I typed the pieces are mended little my little. In this blog, I sense Your Presence that will get me through.


P.S: Now that I’ve kickstart the writing, will try to write more so I don’t have to go through awkward postings again. Cheers!


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