Mastectomy Bra

If you’ve never heard that term, you’re not alone. Neither have I until today when I saw my childhood friend who is the lady boss of Raquel Lingerie posted about her newly launched, first collection of Mastectomy Bra.

In her own words: “This October, @raquellingerie continues to deliver its commitment in this women-empowering movement. After 2 long years of research and development, struggles and challenges, we’ve finally created a mastectomy bra collection especially for breast cancer #survivors. It’s a small collection of 6 different styles for now (2 colors each, perfect fitting and comfort guaranteed) But we promise there will be more next year.”

I am extremely proud of what her team is doing. Not only have they made premium inner wear affordable to women but they are truly passionate about empowering women through the basic needs. I’ve known the lady boss since she was too young to be needing a bra. Her family has been in the intimate wear industry for years and I have never met anyone as well-read and particular about bra quality as she is. She was the one who made me realised I’ve been wearing the wrong size bra for years! It felt really awesome when my boobs finally met the perfect cup.

So if you’re looking to get great quality intimates, do check out their website. This is a brand that knows what women need, and committed to their cause. My boobs are supported by Raquel right now so I can vouch for their quality.



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