What does it take to destroy the world? Nothing.

By the look of it the World is on a self-destructive path and if we do nothing, the world will eventually crumbles on its own weight.

Life is like a descending escalator (side note: this is such an oxymoron. What’s the correct word for an escalator that’s going down??). If we don’t keep moving and outpaced the speed, we will fall to the bottom. Problem for people like myself who are too lazy to even sit up and read the bible is that we don’t know we are in danger until we see the rock bottom and instinctively move for survival. That’s how I felt while watching the live update of the US election few days ago.

At first there was worry, anxiety and then disbelief of the power of stupid people in large group a society that has grown tired and frustrated at the status quo, would rather take chances and vote for the radical (in this case, not a good way unfortunately) in hopes that things will be different. I can’t help feeling the World needs God more than ever before and the end is truly near.

If you need a push to start doing something, this is your sign. We don’t have the luxury of time to sit back and let others do the work because there are too many things to be done and not enough laborers who are willing. This might not mean you need to start going out and preach the gospel to everyone you see. But we need to be stronger and bolder against the ever-increasing opposition. If we don’t hold our ground, we’ll be swept by the current. Can we change the current? I don’t know but I’d like to think if everyone exert a little force, we can change the direction the World is heading. Just like what Trump supporters did. The World was laughing at them thinking Trump would never make it to the election, but he did and he won big time. So nothing is impossible. The world is one big battleground, between good or bad, anti or pro, etc. Stand up for what you believe in and impact someone. Start small, doesn’t matter, as long as you start.




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