A year has passed!

How long has it been since I last blogged?? Scrolling to the previous post and that’s in September! It felt way longer than 3 months. I’ve been keeping up with my 2017 new year resolution quite successfully that I neglected updating my blog… I promise to put “writing/blogging more often” in my next year’s resolution (Hope I’m not setting myself up for failure!)

I hope you guys have been doing great. I write as though I have any faithful readers but anyone who used to read my blog would have stopped checking and it’s understandable looking at how neglected this blog is (WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME ANYMORE?!) Anyway, 2017 has been a pretty fantastic year for me even though it kicked off with a date gone weird (Bacon guy – I need to write about this! Stay tuned), and just few days ago I had a mini* meltdown when I realised I am spending Christmas single for the first time in 6 years, but all in all I’ve accomplished a lot more this year than I ever did; I signed up for gym membership and actually use it consistently. I started doing crossfit with my small group leader who became a friend. I started a new job and for the first time I can see myself staying in a company for long term, and just today I got my permanent residency status! Sweet as.

Above all, the one thing I’m the most pleased with this year is that I find my way back to God. Technically, I’ve never left the church/Him but I was at the point where I thought I had a relationship with God but He really was more of a tradition for me. This year, there were few situations that caused me to think through my faith journey and seek Him deeper. I don’t mean that I have reached the point of peace with God and all is well. It’s a journey and there’s constant up and down moments but I know for sure He has changed me for good and I’m not going back to where I was.

Yep, that’s a short summary of how my year has been. I will most definitely catch up with you soon with a list of new year resolution. Till then wishing you an awesome New Year ahead!



*”Mini Meltdown” is how people downplay their emotional craziness.


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