Mid Year Resolution Review 8: Community

Here is the last of my 2018 New Year Resolution Review!

New Year Resolution 8: Community

Continuing from last year’s resolution on being more involved with Toastmaster and Cell group, this year I want to be more present. To be part of a community means I don’t just receive from the group but also contribute my knowledge, experience, skills and time.

Toastmasters Club
Last year I agreed to take on the role of VP Education (VPE) in my Toastmasters Club without knowing the responsibilities that come with it! VPE’s duty is to ensure the smooth running of the meetings which means I had to check that we have enough attendees/role holders for every meeting. Whenever someone backed out of a role, I scrambled for replacement and more than often ended up covering for whatever role was needed. But on the plus side, it definitely forced me to be more involved.

Now I have been rotated to become the VP Public Relations (VPPR). What a relief to take on a role that I have a level of expertise in! I am more than happy to contribute within my capacity. Next, I intend to deliver 1 more project speech before the year concludes.

Friendly people of PL Link Toastmasters Club

Cell group
My cell group recently multiplied into 2 smaller cells because the number was getting too big. As a result I now belong to a newly established, smaller group and I am humbled to be part of the core team*. It’s truly a privilege to get behind the scene and be involved in planning for cell meetings and also facilitate some parts of the meeting. I realised how much effort the leaders has given all these while. (*Core team is basically committee member in non-Christian terms.

One thing for sure, the more I gave myself to the community the more I feel rooted to it and the more I am able to learn from others. Whatever community we are placed in (workplace, church, classes, bloggers, etc) I believe there’s a reason for it and as the famous saying goes – Bloom where you’re planted


Mel off to watch Netflix.



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