The Writer

“A popcornaday keeps the stress away!”

It all begins with my love for the movies. I started blogging about film reviews, spending sleepless nights watching movies and then life happens. I still love movies and wish I could review more films in the future but for now I’ll be blogging about whatever comes into mind. This blog is a reflection of my day, my life, how it changes. Hopefully you’ll come across something you that does a thing or two for you in my writings. :)





  1. Hi hi.. love your blogs!!
    You are such a talented writer!! :)

    Would you be interested to become a freelance writer? :)
    Let me know ASAP!!

  2. Hey,

    Hope you’re well and getting the week off to a good start.

    We’re doing the online PR for AC/DC’s ‘Iron Man 2’ soundtrack, which is released on April 19.

    We’re inviting a select few bloggers along to a a top secret event that is taking place in Rochester at 9pm on April 16th in association with the release of AC/DC’s Iron Man 2 soundtrack. If you are in the UK and think you could make it along, let me know and I can give you more details.

    Also, can you suggest any other influential bloggers that would be interested and could make it along? Obviously would need to be able to make it to Rochester for the event – but I’ll be able to buy everyone a pint and throw in a pack of pork scratchings!

    Finally… here’s a 40-second clip of the making of the ‘Shoot To Thrill’ video, which would be great if you could pop on the site. The YouSendIt Link is or you can find it on YouTube here:


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