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Mid Year Resolution Review: 2. Health

P.S: I’m doing a mid year review of my New Year Resolution.

New Year Resolution 2: Health

Last year I wanted to be healthy and I’ve done so by going for crossfit and signing up gym membership (also actually use it). This year I wanna be healthier and fit by exercising 2x a week (I just wanna make the most out of my membership fee) and watching my diet. Reduce sugar and rice. Hopefully lose 2kg in the process.

My Crossfit Buddy is recovering from an injury so we haven’t been going to the Box of late. Instead, we meet almost every week for an evening run. Besides running with her, I also go to the gym once or twice a week. So resolution no 2 is on track!

Marina Barrage

Evening run at the Central Business District

I’ve also started eating healthier. I wish I could say it’s due to my sensibility but no, I had a persistent cough which lasted 4 weeks and had to avoid eating fried food, sweet stuff, chicken, etc. I’m quite wary that the virus might come back so I’m continuing the healthy diet now although less strictly. Unfortunately I didn’t lose any weight in the process but could that be because I’m also gaining muscles?

In the next half year, I wish to have a more regular exercise timetable (Monday, Wednesday and/or Saturday) and keep a close eye on my diet to lose that 2kg! I’ll start by drinking only plain water or green tea during working hours and continue to eat as if I have a perpetual cough so I would avoid all the food that are bad for the body. My body is a temple. Does this temple needs additional serving of bacon and another glass of G&T? Tempting but NO.(I mentioned ‘additional’ and ‘another’ because the first serving is a yes.)

Overall I think I’m doing pretty well in keeping healthy. Of course it could be improved, but definitely way better than last year. And oh! I’m going for my first Kettlebell class tomorrow. Pray I survive.



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2018 New Year’s Resolution

Finally done drafting my resolution! I take New Year’s Resolution seriously because I’m one of those unmotivated and easily distracted person so if I don’t have a list of goals, there’s high chance I might go wayward and meander through the year. Last year I am pleased that I did well against my resolution for the first time since I started making resolution list. So let’s kick start 2018 with a new set of goals! I’ve categoried them in no particular order.

1. God

I’m re-cultivating the habit of morning prayer as a symbol and reminder to start everything with God.

2. Health

Last year I wanted to be healthy and I’ve done so by going for crossfit and signing up gym membership (also actually use it). This year I wanna be healthier and fit by exercising 2x a week (I just wanna make the most out of my membership fee) and watching my diet. Reduce sugar and rice. Hopefully lose 2kg in the process.

3. Finance

The aim is to be financially prudent or to quote my company’s expenses policy – “X is committed to ensuring that all expenditure incurred is prudent, reasonable and reflects sound judgement and decision making.” Do I need a cat butt tissue dispenser? No.

4. Relationship

Make time to develop relationships. Be aware of who and how I’m spending my time. Accept that I am not be able to keep up with everyone because if I do I will burnout and lose track of people who matter.

5. Self-care

On top of making time for others, I’m setting aside me-time. This includes pampering myself (manicure, creambath, go to salon) and doing the necessities like an overdue visit to the dentist and my doctors!

6. Writing

Starting with 1 post per week to gain back the momentum. The post need not be extraordinary or meaningful as long as they are published.


7. Career

I am grateful for the new job and now it’s time to take it up a notch – be aggressive and proactive. Do the obvious. E.g. Don’t understand? Ask! Need to cut the meeting and excuse myself? Speak up! Need to chat? Call!

8. Community

Continuing from last year’s resolution on being more involved with Toastmaster and Cell group, this year I want to be more present. To be part of a community means I don’t just receive from the group but also contribute my knowledge, experience, skills and time.

Alrighty. 2018, we’re ready for you!




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2016 Reflection: Removal of Crutches

We are told to rely on God in all the things we do, yet sometimes we received so much blessings that they become the crutches we lean on. For example, a good career, financial stability, friends and companions may unconsciously become our crutches and substitutes for God. Self-sufficiency disposes people to reject God simply because they don’t see the need to have God in their lives.

I did not realised I first stepped into 2016 with my own crutches. I had a great job where my superior acknowledged my ability and career prospect was looking up as I had just accepted a job offer with 30% increment and better benefit. I was in a long-term relationship that might turn into a lifetime commitment. I had good friends returning from overseas. I hadn’t fall sick and believed my immune system is a ferocious bouncer that can kick any diseases.

But of course 2016, affectionately known as The Worst Year Ever by the netizens, did not let me, along with the rest of the Earth population, have it easy.

First, I was struck by the diagnosis that I had a 17cm cyst in my ovary and I need to undergo my first major surgery. Although it’s benign, having tumor as big as a 19-week fetus was a slap to my health. I had thought I could live to a 100 years old swimmingly but clearly life is unpredictable and it is foolish to think nothing would happen even with my lack of discipline in lifestyle.

Second, I started my new job which certainly is not the land of milk and honey. I had to unlearn what I knew and refine on whatever unshaped skills from my previous experiences.

Third, broken romance.

Fourth, a good friend left the city to return to her homeland. My best friend who used to travel here frequently found a new job and she had no reason to come here as often as she used to anymore.

Fifth, I will be moving to a new location next year and that means I will be changing cell group. I have just gotten used to the members and I’ll definitely miss having this leader whom I look up to. But I know that to grow in Christ is to grow upward towards the direction He planned for me, and not just imitating or piggybacking the faith of others.

The list can go longer with my grandma passing away which marks the end of grandparents generation in my life, celebrity deaths, volatile political climate, etc. As I reflect on how 2016 has been, I see how my crutches are being removed one by one and I am “forced” to rely completely on God. I would like to say I do so willingly, but if He hadn’t removed those crutches I would not have realized that I needed Him to be my constant source of strength and to not let anything take His place.

Having the crutches removed is a painful experience. I fell, I cried and I learnt to pick myself up with Jesus’ help. He is my strength and the more I know Him the more confident I am of His faithfulness and that I can run with Him directing my path. I need not worry of what may happen.

2016 has been a lot of downs and more downs. But I’m here to say I’m grateful for each experience and I have never been more excited to step into a new year with God’s promises and Him right beside me. Cheers to 2017.


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2016 New Year Resolution

Of course I have to start my first post of the year with my resolution!

Truthfully, I haven’t given much thought on making resolutions this year. I’m at the que-sera-sera stage of life and I am not the best at keeping track of my resolution. Most of the things I aspire to accomplish at the start of the year are covered in dust by year end. Then when I reflect on what I set out to accomplish, I’ll feel a tinge of regret for not doing them, which is why I didn’t feel like making a list now. However, last weekend I was traveling and from 35,000 feet above ground I felt the urge to write one. I guess when you’re up in the air, you are a little more ready to take flight and plunge into New-Year-New-Me state. Despite my initial lack of faith, here’s what I wrote from above ground:

1. Travel to a new place I’ve never been to.
This is a Permanent Resolution that I look forward to every year!

2. Spend Time Alone With God everyday no matter how busy.
It’s 13 days into the year and so far I’m on track.

3. Good health – reduce consumptions of carbonated drinks and fast food drastically.
I was diagnosed with something that requires surgery late last year. No, I’m not dying and it’s not cancerous, but it puts thing into perspective for me like how I’ve not been taking good care of my body. This year it shall be my priority.

4. Read 1 book per month.
Currently reading “Night Circus”.

5. Watch 2 movies per month.
You’ll find me binge watching on movies this weekend.

6. Blog 2 posts per week.
This is a little too ambitious. I’ll start off with once every 2 weeks and by end of the year you’ll be seeing 2 blog posts per week! *fingers crossed*

7. Make time for loved ones & plan my days properly
Thanks to iPhone Calendar, I’ve not overbooked myself for the past 3 months! Am very proud of that. I want to keep that up plus booking my time to stay in touch with loved ones.

There you go! I think this year’s resolutions are more realistic… a sign of greater wisdom, and aging. Let’s see how they go.


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2015 New Year Resolution

It’s almost Christmas and the year is coming to an end soon! As usual, I’m writing my customary New Year Resolution on this blog so you can be witness of what I’m going to achieve in the year to come. Unfortunately, my resolutions have been more of a flop the past 2 years. This year I’ve only managed to accomplished 1 out 8 resolutions I made. On a positive note, I have about 15 days to accomplish one more from the list.

For year 2015, I’ve decided to do something different. Instead of having a long list of resolutions that most likely will be forgotten soon after, I’m only gonna have one resolution for next year. I can’t disclose the resolution here because it’s not very appropriate. Only when the resolution is accomplished, I will think and work on the next resolution for the year.

Only one thing I need to do. Sealed it with a prayer. Amen!

2015, I’m getting ready for you.


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Half Marathon.

It’s the month of July! We’ve crossed over to the second half of 2014. This is the best time to revisit your New Year Resolutions in case you’ve forgotten or diverted away from them. This is the second chance to dig up your Resolutions and realign yourself.

I hope this is not your progress graph.

I hope this is not your Resolution progress graph.

Referring to my 2014 New Year Resolutions, I’ve only managed to clear one item from the list. I feel like I need to re-strategise and edit my list a little due to the unforeseen circumstances. So here is version 1.1 of my 2014 New Year Resolution:

1. Stop procrastinating. Start planning, keep a to-do journal and stick to it.

2. Save 10% of my income monthly. Learn to manage my finances. Based on my current plight, live with a budget of $10/day.

3. Have daily time alone with God, at least 10 minutes a day. I need spiritual nourishment. Make time for God.

4. Contact 3 old acquaintances to catch up and send out minimum 10 postcards to anyone, including a stranger. P.S I’ve sent 1 postcard to an acquaintance.

5. Think of full story and write it down. Deadline 20 Nov.

6. Update this blog at least once a week. You guys are my witness.

7. Read 15 books. Checked! Currently on my 19th book for the year.

8. Write a Travel Journal entry.

Seems like I need to increase my gear for the second half of the year. That’s the good thing about doing this mid-year evaluation, so we’ll know what actions need to be taken! Resolution aside, I’ve signed up for a 10km marathon in August. It’s my first time running in marathon although I know 10km is barely a marathon. Still, it’s a start of something new! Cheers to the greater half of the year!


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2014 New Year Resolutions

I’ve always been behind schedule in writing New Year Resolution, but this time I’m really late. Hello, it’s lucky 13 days into the New Year! Anyway, like the old saying “better late than never” (whoever invented the phrase must not have a sense of punctuality), here are my New Year resolutions :)

1. Stop procrastinating. This sounds familiar. I’m sure I’ve had this written on one of the past resolutions I had.

2. Save 10% of my income monthly.

3. Have daily time alone with God, at least 10 minutes a day. I need spiritual nourishment.

4. Contact 3 old acquaintances to catch up and send out minimum 10 postcards to anyone, including a stranger. Continue reading

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