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2017 New Year Resolution

In a true Popcornaday tradition (one that I invented just a sec ago as I’m typing), let me post my New Year Resolution for 2017 before the first month comes to an end!

1. Go on vacations and keep expenses within budget.
Kick the habit of treating foreign bills like monopoly money when on holiday.

2. Be healthy.
Limiting myself to eating 24x junk food/year, having tea without sugar, and aiming to walk 10,000 steps each day.

Strapped and ready to track

3. Learn a new skill.
Driving and/or cooking a proper dish.

4. Cross 1 thing off my bucket list.
I have 100 things to choose from. Anything from sky-diving to spotting a whale.screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-11-26-12-pm

5. Become a Morning Person.
Setting alarm clock at 7 a.m. daily. (With 15 minutes snooze allowance.)

6. Be involved in a community.
There are 2 communities in mind; Cell Group and Toastmaster Club.

7. Better financial planning.
At least 30% of my monthly earning shall go to savings.

8. Try out 24 new restaurants this year.
It’s a conservative number since I tried about 50 new restaurants last year. But because I’m resolved to have better financial planning, I should reduce my eating-out frequency too.

9. Set aside time for things that matters. 
Being intentional in meeting up with people I want to invest my time in. Prioritising Time Alone With God over my Netflix addiction. Setting aside 6 hours of sleep.

10. Volunteer.
I usually donate to a cause I believe in. This year I want to go beyond and put in physical effort to help others or cats.

12. Read 24 books.
Currently reading my 2nd book of the year. I have to finish it this week to meet the timeline.

14. Read the old testaments.
I’ve read the New Testaments last year. Now onward (or backward) to the heavy duty stuff.

15. Buy 1 thing that will make my life more efficient. 
A new laptop would be good.

16. Hold on to my personal mission for the year. 
Matthew 5: 14-16. Light of the World. City on the hill cannot be hidden.

I sense 2017 will be an awesome year, one of breakthroughs and expansion. January is ending and we have 11 months to go. Let’s make them count!


P.S: For this year’s resolution I actually refer to an article in a magazine I recently subscribed to. It’s the only magazine that I read cover to cover.


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2016 New Year Resolution

Of course I have to start my first post of the year with my resolution!

Truthfully, I haven’t given much thought on making resolutions this year. I’m at the que-sera-sera stage of life and I am not the best at keeping track of my resolution. Most of the things I aspire to accomplish at the start of the year are covered in dust by year end. Then when I reflect on what I set out to accomplish, I’ll feel a tinge of regret for not doing them, which is why I didn’t feel like making a list now. However, last weekend I was traveling and from 35,000 feet above ground I felt the urge to write one. I guess when you’re up in the air, you are a little more ready to take flight and plunge into New-Year-New-Me state. Despite my initial lack of faith, here’s what I wrote from above ground:

1. Travel to a new place I’ve never been to.
This is a Permanent Resolution that I look forward to every year!

2. Spend Time Alone With God everyday no matter how busy.
It’s 13 days into the year and so far I’m on track.

3. Good health – reduce consumptions of carbonated drinks and fast food drastically.
I was diagnosed with something that requires surgery late last year. No, I’m not dying and it’s not cancerous, but it puts thing into perspective for me like how I’ve not been taking good care of my body. This year it shall be my priority.

4. Read 1 book per month.
Currently reading “Night Circus”.

5. Watch 2 movies per month.
You’ll find me binge watching on movies this weekend.

6. Blog 2 posts per week.
This is a little too ambitious. I’ll start off with once every 2 weeks and by end of the year you’ll be seeing 2 blog posts per week! *fingers crossed*

7. Make time for loved ones & plan my days properly
Thanks to iPhone Calendar, I’ve not overbooked myself for the past 3 months! Am very proud of that. I want to keep that up plus booking my time to stay in touch with loved ones.

There you go! I think this year’s resolutions are more realistic… a sign of greater wisdom, and aging. Let’s see how they go.


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Season’s Greetings!

It’s Christmas day! I can’t believe it’s Christmas again. Feels like the year has gone by right under my nose. That’s not exactly a good statement to end the year with but nonetheless I’m uber thankful for year 2014. It’s been a roller-coaster year with setback, learning curve, springboard and new wonderful friendships forged. Overall I think year 2014 is a year that I would look back and know that I was being shaped for something greater that will happen… in 2015! Anyway, enough about me. Wishing you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Send someone your love today! Better late than never :P

Send someone your love today! Better late than never :P

Have a blessed season of your life!


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Half Marathon.

It’s the month of July! We’ve crossed over to the second half of 2014. This is the best time to revisit your New Year Resolutions in case you’ve forgotten or diverted away from them. This is the second chance to dig up your Resolutions and realign yourself.

I hope this is not your progress graph.

I hope this is not your Resolution progress graph.

Referring to my 2014 New Year Resolutions, I’ve only managed to clear one item from the list. I feel like I need to re-strategise and edit my list a little due to the unforeseen circumstances. So here is version 1.1 of my 2014 New Year Resolution:

1. Stop procrastinating. Start planning, keep a to-do journal and stick to it.

2. Save 10% of my income monthly. Learn to manage my finances. Based on my current plight, live with a budget of $10/day.

3. Have daily time alone with God, at least 10 minutes a day. I need spiritual nourishment. Make time for God.

4. Contact 3 old acquaintances to catch up and send out minimum 10 postcards to anyone, including a stranger. P.S I’ve sent 1 postcard to an acquaintance.

5. Think of full story and write it down. Deadline 20 Nov.

6. Update this blog at least once a week. You guys are my witness.

7. Read 15 books. Checked! Currently on my 19th book for the year.

8. Write a Travel Journal entry.

Seems like I need to increase my gear for the second half of the year. That’s the good thing about doing this mid-year evaluation, so we’ll know what actions need to be taken! Resolution aside, I’ve signed up for a 10km marathon in August. It’s my first time running in marathon although I know 10km is barely a marathon. Still, it’s a start of something new! Cheers to the greater half of the year!


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New Beginning

I’ve always enjoyed making resolutions, anticipating the new year to be a great one. Now that the new year is almost here, I’m thinking of new resolutions to make but first let’s revisit the resolution that I made for 2012 and see how I did. It’s a good practice to keep your goals and target in check.

1. Relax and Rest. Literally just chilling. Checked!
2. Visit at least one city/country I’ve never been to. Visited Cebu in Philippines for the first time!
3. Finish a book. Doesn’t have to get published but at least write one. Shucks….
4. Get a job. SERIOUSLY! gotta start moving my ass now.
I’m working as an ass and loving it! lol.
5. Visit my 400th restaurant. Currently I’m on 349th restaurant. That means I have 51 restaurants to go! Currently on my 449th restaurant. Whoo!
6. Watch my 900th film! which means I have to watch at least 67 films this year. Total count as of now is 907 films! which means I’ve watched 74 films.
7. Maintain my weight. This will be a challenge since I’m gonna do a lot of eating, slacking and potato-couching. lol.
My weight went up and down a bit throughout the year but now I’m back where it started. Yeah!

I think I did pretty well considering I accomplished 6 out of the 7 things on the list! I will probably have to bring resolution number 3 forward to next year. Will keep you posted on my 2013 resolutions.

Get ready your new year resolutions guys! :)

It's almost here!

It’s almost here!


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